Welcome to American Sport Karate, Arlington's newest and most exciting place to learn martial arts. ASK believes in the transformative power of self-control and personal discipline and strives every day to teach these life lessons in a safe, fun, nurturing environment.

Students can look forward to learning new skills, practicing exciting moves, making new friends, and feeling accomplished every single day. Take a look at our programs and schedule, read about our expert instructors and get in touch to find out more.


"Mr.Pedneau's patience and student-centered approach helped my child to overcome his frustration and become more confident."

—  Rachel, parent

What is Sport Karate?




Sport Karate is a modern blend of Korean taekwondo and Japanese karate. But it is so much more than kicks and punches; it is a lifestyle that promotes character building, personal growth, and a strong sense of citizenship. As students progress from belt to belt, they learn life lessons that will stay with them for the rest of their lives.


Few activities grab kids' attention like martial arts. Students get excited about learning spinning punches and flying kicks and always come to class eager to learn something new. As they practice their movements, our students develop strength, flexibility, and coordination. We make sure our students understand physical fitness and the importance of living a healthy lifestyle.  

- Our Mission -

At American Sport Karate, we have seen the impact martial arts training has on students both short and long term. Our black belt students embody the tenants of strength, integrity, and perseverance. We wholeheartedly believe that every new student has the potential within them to achieve the prestigious rank of Black Belt and we know every black belt is another step towards a better America. 

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