Will Pedneau

   Mr. Pedneau began his martial arts training at the prestigious Black Belt Academy, earning his black belt in 2004. Serving as an instructor and later as the head instructor, his positive and enthusiastic teaching style has won him much acclaim from both parents and martial arts masters alike. 


   In 2010, he joined the US Navy and completed six years of proud service. With strong personal discipline from his martial arts background, his time in the military was met with much success. His travels allowed him to practice martial arts around the world including in Japan and South Korea.



   Now, back in Northern Virginia, Mr. Pedneau has opened American Sport Karate with the dream of sharing the benefits of martial arts training with a new generation of students. His dedication to the martial art tenants of knowledge, honesty, and strength underscores his passion for teaching and his commitment to building a better America.

Owner / Instructor

Our Location

4201 Fairfax Dr, Arlington, VA 22203

Located across the intersection from the Ihop in Ballston. There is a small parking lot behind the building and many signs to help guide you to the right door.

We also teach martial arts lessons beyond the doors of our studio. Here is some information about our YMCA Diplotots karate program.

Check out our sister schools in Fairfax and Alexandria!