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at Early Steps


Never miss a session!


How it works

This is a subscription that will auto-renew each month and will keep your child enrolled in every karate session at Early Steps. No more need to re-register at the end of each 8-week session! When a new session starts, your child will already be on the list.

The subscription is month to month and can be canceled at any time. Please let us know you wish to cancel at least five days before your next scheduled payment to avoid an unwanted charge - all monthly payments are non-refundable! Cancelation requests can be sent via email.

The class is still taught in 8-week sessions and we will still be doing testing at the end of each session. With holidays and occasional off days to accommodate events at Early Steps, some months will have more class days than others. This auto-renew program is meant to charge an average cost of the program each month. 

Have questions about the program?

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