Beginner Options

For new students starting with American Sport Karate, we offer three beginner friendly packages. All packages include at least one private lesson with an instructor to help introduce you to some of the words and movements we use. This will help students as they begin to take classes with the group.

After purchasing one of the beginner packages, an A.S.K. account will be created to keep track of how many group classes you have remaining. You may add additional group classes by purchasing one of our Recharge options in the online store.  At any time you can send us an email to check the status of your account and see how many classes you have left. 


- 1 One-on-one private lesson

- Five Group Classes

- American Sport Karate t-shirt

- Beginner white belt


- 2 One-on-one private lessons

- Seven Group Classes

- American Sport Karate t-shirt

- Beginner white belt

- Practice Kicking Target


- 3 One-on-one private lessons

- Ten Group Classes

- American Sport Karate t-shirt

- American Sport Karate uniform

- Beginner white belt

- Two Practice Kicking Targets


Decided on a package that suits you? Check out our online store to purchase a package and get kickin'!


We also offer a family class on Friday nights that is open to the public and completely free of charge. Families do not need to purchase any package to be eligible to attend the Friday night Family Class.

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