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American Sport Karate provides martial arts classes that teach not just kicks and punches, but the tenets of patience, self-control, and respect. Our experienced black belt instructors know how to make classes fun and exciting for students of all ages.

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"My 5 year old boy is taking karate lessons with Mr P and he loves it! He’s learning very fast and he has become more disciplined. Mr P is great with kids, he gets them to focus on the lesson and keeps them engaged. Highly recommended!"


"Our 9-year old son loves Mr. P. and his positive approach to instructing. Mr. P. is passionate, demanding, and fun. Our son has benefited tremendously from all the positive reinforcement he's received through this school. In five months, he's never had a day where he didn't want to go to class."


"I recommend highly American Sport Karate. Mr. P is so good with the kids, always keeping a balance of good humor and discipline. I've never seen my daughter so enthused to work hard. Her progress and fitness have improved greatly."


what is
sport karate?

Sport Karate is a modern blend of Korean taekwondo and Japanese karate. But it is so much more than kicks and punches; it is a lifestyle that promotes character building, personal growth, and a strong sense of citizenship. As students progress from belt to belt, they learn life lessons that will stay with them for the rest of their lives.


Few activities grab kids' attention like martial arts. Students get excited about learning spinning punches and flying kicks and always come to class eager to learn something new. As they practice their movements, our students develop strength, flexibility, and coordination. We make sure our students understand physical fitness and the importance of living a healthy lifestyle. 

Our Location

American Sport Karate teaches our classes out of Unitarian Universalist Church in Arlington. When arriving, please follow the ramp to the entrance on the upper level.

4444 Arlington Blvd.

Arlington, VA 22204



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