Our classes can be split into two types: private lessons and group classes. The private lessons can be booked and paid for online through our website. Students can also start with group classes by purchasing one of our Recharge options in the online store. To learn more about the different age groups, please check out the information below.

Kinder Karate

(ages 5 & 6) We take the physical and mental benefits of martial arts training and package them into a class that is fun and engaging for younger students. Parents are often asked to join the class to help out by holding targets or by being a partner for some exercises. 

Juniors Karate

(ages 7 to 13 ) This program explores the exciting world of sport karate. Students learn not only how to defend themselves but also develop their discipline, respect, and self-control. This class does not require parent participation.

Adult Classes

(ages 14 and up) This program combines a solid workout with sport karate training. Students can expect a class that focuses heavily on conditioning, balance, and guided stretches.  

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